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Fort of Osoppo

The fort of Osoppo represents a point of reference for the entire hilly and pre-Alpine area of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Declared a national monument in 1923, it was demilitarized in 1951 and is today the site of various cultural events made suggestive by the beautiful panorama of the Tagliamento river and the surrounding area.
In fact, both the remains dating back to the period of the Great War and those of previous years can be observed on this fort.

Its history begins at the end of the Middle Ages during the war between the Republic of Venice and the Hapsburg Empire and goes up to March 1848 when, during the revolutionary uprisings of the Risorgimento, Venice declared war on Austria and refounded the Republic of San Marco. The Friulians of the area managed to make the imperial guards present on the Osoppo Fort escape and resisted their counter-offensive for almost seven months until October of the same year.

Subsequently, in 1866, Friuli passed under the Kingdom of Italy and from 1900 the fort was included in the defensive system of the Alto Tagliamento-Val Fella with new buildings that can still be seen today together with the much older ones.

To discover them, it is necessary to go up the road built by the Napoleonic soldiers at the beginning of the 19th century which leads from the center of Osoppo to the top of the Fort of Osoppo”, from which you can enjoy an amazing view of the area.

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