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Fagagna Castle

The Fagagna Castle’s ruins lay at the top of the hill overlooking the town of Fagagna to the north.

The first historical news dates back to the X century, (11 June 983 ) to the donation by Otto II of Saxony to the patriarch Rodoaldo; however some researchers do not exclude the existence of a Roman and early medieval fortified post. 

It played an important role in the events of the patriarchal state, but during the 15th century it was gradually abandoned by the inhabitants until in 1511 it suffered a fire during a revolt and the earthquake that occurred a few days later.

Until the advent of the Venetian republic (1420) the castle was under direct patriarchal dominion, governed by a chamberlain who was joined by the noble “habitatores”, it was faithful to the Church of Aquileia.

In 1230 Siurido di Manzano became the feudal lord of Fagagna. Due to its importance, the fort was often besieged, involved in fights against local feudal lords or even against “illustrious” enemies.

In the 1300s the “di Fagagna” returned and for a good part of the century they would face the sieges and occupations of the Count of Gorizia. Between 1411-1419 it suffered the ravages of the Hungarian troops of King Sigismund.
Under the dominion of the Serenissima, slow deterioration began and in the 17th century there was the final abandonment by the last inhabitants.

Already described in ruins after the mid-sixteenth century by Girolamo di Porcia, some sections of the walls remain: the ruins of a tower, the castle church, the tall bell tower and a small building with medieval parts used at restaurant.

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