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The Consortium introduces itself

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Official presentation in San Daniele for the We Like Bike Consortium, which, just over a month after its establishment, illustrated its initial social base and the reasons that gave a decisive evolutionary change to the experience experienced in 2019.

Francesco Ciani, appointed president of the consortium in this start-up phase, and Franco Bortuzzo, well-known sports journalist of Rai and one of the founding members of the consortium, illustrated the original idea and the reasons and concrete objectives for which it was intended to entrust the project to an authentic new company, strongly representative of the territory and which would thus propose itself as an operational tool, without limits of efficiency and range of action, in a mission that targets the development of cycling flows in the hilly area – and beyond – together with the spread of the use of two wheels – perhaps with pedal assistance – at the local level and on the best organization of hospitality and receptivity operators in a project of continuous refinement and updating of the specific offer, open to enthusiasts and users of all Europe.

A short film summarized the Consortium’s mission and focused on the anticipation of the new routes intended, by the summer, to extend the network of routes – which are already twenty – along the Tagliamento up to the Spilimberghese, as well as towards Gemona and Venzone, completing the routes that run through all the localities of the hilly community.

Some cultural initiatives will be set up on the occasion of the Friuli stages of the Giro d’Italia in October.

Present together with other mayors and administrators, the president of the Hill Community, Paolo De Simon, reaffirmed the tourism development program that the institution is preparing to launch and coordinate on behalf of all the municipalities, noting the particular opportunity of the presence in the field of a business entity that has concrete objectives that are absolutely compatible and integrated on the cycling tourism plan.

A confirmation of the absolute coincidence of projects and objectives was also witnessed by representatives of PromoturismoFvg, while the commissioner Silvano Pilosio and the Mayor of San Daniele Pietro Valent brought the greetings of the city that has supported the program since its experimental phase.

The first spoke in particular of the improvement of a vision of transversal connection to the axes of the existing cycle paths, expanding their horizon, while Valent recalled the city’s commitment to triangular development projects shared between San Daniele, Aquileia and Spilimbergo, in the same direction captured by We Like Bike, which was born with a priority projection with respect to a vast and integrated territory, as evidenced by the paths for which the consortium is already working to strengthen.

The Consortium introduces itself

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