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We update just over two months after the last communication, with which we had to warn everyone of the unexpected impossibility of proceeding with the establishment of the We Like Bike Consortium, postponing any other program due to the measures connected to the containment of the Covid epidemic. -19.

The pandemic is still underway, with a rate of concern and alarm, compared to months ago, tending to be more contained, at least because we have learned to adopt behaviors and habits that are forced to be more prudent to contain, as far as possible, the risks for ourselves for others.

There is no lack of awareness of the very heavy prospect that awaits, in addition to a cautious recovery of social relations, the reactivation of production, commercial, tourist, services and accommodation activities; where possible we must begin to try to do our part also in the formation of a collective reaction that convincingly promotes those factors which, right from the start, could positively interact and animate the recovery, at least in the transition from post-emergency conditions to those of a first normalization phase.

The WLB program was notoriously ambitious; it was not a gamble in the dark, but required to face immediately a match suited to the goal of making a significant “local” improvement compared to phenomena already developed and with high standards in terms of quality and expectations.

Once the constitution of the Consortium was stopped, the entire WLB project was finished on stand-by, including the initiatives related to the management of cycling routes and their relaunch, the organization of excursions and rentals, the integration with the accommodation activities and with the other tourist programs, including the expansion to the Spilimberghese area and to other municipalities in the area that had signaled their adherence and, lastly, to an integrated collaboration project with the Hill Community itself (for which we had started preliminary approaches).

It is known that many media indicators and signals that intercept a possible renewed expansion of the expansive phenomenon for motor activities – not team – and cycle tourism, suggest to present themselves immediately as a clear and organized offer, to give timely answers to a spontaneous demand of territory, of individual outdoor motion, of compatible use of free time and attention to what is “wellness” …

Activating WLB in this direction – which is then the purpose for which we “invented” it – will also offer an edge to the needs of recovery of the tourist circulation which will be an indispensable objective of the city of San Daniele and of the hilly area in the after- emergency.

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