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Mount of Ragogna

The mount of Ragogna is a suggestive relief located close to the watercourse of the Tagliamento: it was a theater of war during the First World War and was part of the fortified line of the “Medium Tagliamento Fortress” set up with defensive functions shortly before the conflict.

 It played an important role during the retreat from Caporetto at the end of October 1917, when it fueled a battle to slow down and stop the Austro-Hungarian forces who, coming from the front that had just broken through, attempted to occupy the Pinzano bridge intact, defended by an expeditionary force Italian entrenched on the slopes and at the foot of the mountain.
Monte di Ragogna is one of the most popular destinations for bicycle riders. The ascent of the Monte di Ragogna, starting from Muris, involves a 2.8 km stretch of road with an average gradient of 10%, with gradients that even reach 16%, and for this reason, it is called “Il Muro di Ragogna”  (The Wall of Ragogna): a difference in height that repays the effort as it leads to the ancient alpine church and to an amazing panoramic point on the Tagliamento towards the mountains that form its backdrop.

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