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09 - 2020

We Like Bike meets Collinbici

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I begin to convince myself that in the name “Fagagna” there is something fascinating, bewitching, an alchemy in the letters that make it up that creates addiction. I do not explain in any other way the presence, last Sunday 6th September, of 70 (seventy) cyclists who participated in “COLLINBICI AND ITS CASTLES”. We did not expect a similar participation, so much so that we had some problems during the course of the course.

But in the end, everything went well, everyone satisfied. We at “we like bike” strongly believe in these events. It is a new type of tourism: polite, asking for permission … is it possible ?, a tourism that wants to become intimate with the place it visits, who wants to know it a little at a time. It comes one day, then it comes back, then it comes back, then it comes back …… Now it’s enough that my blood sugar is rising.

I immediately thank my sister Raffaella Plos and my daughter Veronica who supported me from the 1st day and Domenico Pecile who from a cyclist became, in 24 hours, an official companion. Thanks go to the Mayor Chiarvesio Daniele and his deputy Bello Sandro who, after having exposed the initiative to them, did their utmost to get us the patronage.

Thanks also to those who concretely supported the event: Trattoria da Vico with the first refreshment in Caporiacco, the Dairy Borgo Riolo Fagagna with the second refreshment in Fagagna and Osteria Alla posta di Fagagna which welcomed us and refreshed us at the end. The tour will soon be available on the “We Like Bike” website for those who want to do it again slowly. We have other projects in the pipeline, we’ll talk in a while.

Denis Plos

We Like Bike meets Collinbici We Like Bike meets Collinbici We Like Bike meets Collinbici We Like Bike meets Collinbici

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